Ian Hope-Simpson Artist Blacksmith - Ironwood Forge and Woodworks


Decorative & Functional Ironwork

Custom Design &
Traditional Reproductions

About Ian
Ian Hope-Simpson has been operating Ironwood Forge & Woodworks near WoIfville, Nova Scotia since 1993. He also has experience with masonry, carpentry, pewter work, photography and as a farrier. In the ’70’s Ian started working as an apprentice blacksmith in a Halifax Shipyard followed by time with John Little. Over the years he has built several houses and workshops, including his current residence, forge & woodworking shops above the Gaspereau Valley.
His work has been a variety of functional, architectural and sculptural projects. Ian recently received a grant from the Nova Scotia Department of Culture to prepare an exhibition of sculpture. Ian is a member of the Nova Scotia Designer Crafts Council, the Maritime Blacksmith Association and the Cape Breton Blacksmith Association.